Partnerships with patient associations

Okuvision is committed to research and develop innovative therapies and products that can successfully support patients with degenerative retinal diseases – visually impaired and blind people. Patient associations know the concerns and needs of those affected very well.

We want to help improve patients’ access to therapies and services. That is why we strive for an exchange based on partnership.

Of course, we respect the independence of the patient organisations and observe ethical and legal principles in our cooperation. The partnership is based on the guidelines of the patient associations as well as the Code of Medical Devices of the German Medical Technology Association (Bundesverband Medizintechnologie e.V.) and the Healthcare Compliance Guideline of Okuvision.

The most important basis of the cooperation is mutual respect, trust and transparency.
All benefits (e.g. grants, sponsoring of projects, events, etc.) are documented and provided in accordance with the principle of separation as defined in Healthcare Compliance. The cooperation is exclusively oriented towards the interests of visually impaired and blind people.

Our Partnerships


Okuvision is a member of PRO RETINA Deutschland e.V.

For more information about PRO RETINA Deutschland e.V. please follow this link:


Okuvision maintains a close professional dialogue with Retina UK

We work in close professional dialogue with Retina UK, the leading medical research organisation and nationwide charity providing support and information for people affected by inherited retinal dystrophies.
For more information about Retina UK and their work, please visit:

Retina-Suisse Logo

Okuvision is in close professional exchange with Retina Suisse

We work in close professional exchange with Retina Suisse, the Swiss self-help organisation of people with retinitis pigmentosa.
You can find more information about Retina Suisse here:


Okuvision informs about the DBSV

Information on the topic of vision loss and support for living with a visual impairment can be found at the self-help organisations: Deutscher Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband:
The self-help association of people affected or threatened by vision loss.