The OkuStim®-Therapy

For us it is very important, to make the OkuStim-system as user-friendly as possible. The components of the system are designed in a way that you can easily use them without assistance:

Inserting the electrodes, putting on the OkuSpex, then one click, lean back and relax.

OkuEl, the electrodes

The electrodes are as thin as a human hair and rest gently on the lower eyelid.
They transmit the electrical current onto the surface of they eye, and from there to the retina.

OkuSpex, the electrode holder

The OkuSpex hold the electrodes on the eyes. The OkuSpex can easily be adjusted to the shape of your face.

OkuStim, the neurostimulator

The OkuStim contains your personal stimulation programme that your doctor has determined for you.

The OkuStim-therapy has been developed for home-use. You receive your stimulation programme with your OkuStim system on a small USB stick that is plugged into the neurostimulator. This guarantees safe and controlled stimulation.